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Cornwall Birds Forum

Please feel free to use our forum to report your bird sightings and other matters of interest.

Anyone is welcome to contribute to the forum, but in doing so you must agree to follow these posting guidelines. If you don't agree to the guidelines, do not post.

At present the forum is not moderated before posting but is being watched. If it is used in an improper way it will be moderated before posting which will slow down the turn over of information 

Guidelines for posting:

  • You must be a member of the group before you can post a message

  • Do not be abusive or defamatory

  • All posts should be to the benefit of the society and its members

  • The CBWPS accepts no responsibility whatsoever for any consequences of any postings
  • Do not post any Schedule 1 Wildlife & Countryside Act 1981 species during their breeding seasons. Click here for a list if you are unsure what these are. Do not post if you are in doubt. Instead inform the county recorder in confidence.
  • Do not post any other vulnerable breeding species
  • The content of forum posts is entirely at the discretion of the moderators. Posts considered inappropriate will be removed without warning and the poster will not necessarily be informed
  • Remember that all postings can be read by anybody with internet access, anywhere on the planet. If you don't want your posting widely read, do not post it!

 **The Forum is hosted on Yahoo Groups You will have to join the group to access some areas. Click on 'Join This Group' just above the picture after you have entered the Forum. If you have problems please mail me at webmaster

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