Gallery for 2012...We welcome all photographs of birds taken in Cornwall.  They don't have to be high quality - just interesting, evocative or gripping! Please send them to: 

          We are very grateful to all the photographers named below for their kind permission to use their images on this page

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Stock Doves 24/08/2012
Walmsley Sanctuary  (Nigel Climpson)

Wood Sandpiper  18/08/2012
Marazion Marsh (Tony Mills)
Osprey 19/08/2012
Drift Reservoir (Bob Sharples)
Golden Plover 21/08/2012
Davidstow Airfield(Derek Dennis)
Leucistic Carrion Crow 18/07/2012
 Lerryn (Jeff Parfitt)
Hobby  21/07/2012
Tregaseal (Sam Williams)
Pectoral Sandpiper 30/07/2012
St. Clement (Ian Griffiths)

Wagtails 09/06/2012
 Heligan (Bob Mitchell)
Chough 16/06/2012
 The Lizard (Anthony Miners)
Blackbird 16/07/2012
 Heligan (Bob Mitchell)

Dipper Fledgeling 20/05/2012
 (Jim Eames)
Whimbrel 18/05/2012
 Marazion (Andy Williams)
Common Lizard 30/05/2012
Pentire Head  (Paul Whittick)

Sparrowawk 11/05/2012
Lerryn  (Jeff Parfitt)
Kentish Plovers 11/05/2012
Marazion  (David King)
Red Kite13/05/2012
Victoria, Roche  (Derek Denniss)
Spotted Redshank 22/04/2012
Wadebridge  (Adrian Langdon)
Common Sandpiper 01/05/2012
Walmsley Sanctuary  (Nigel Climpson)
Sedge Warbler 09/05/2012
Walmsley Sanctuary  (Paul Whittick)

Raven with Rabbit Prey 07/04/2012
Marazion (Bob Sharples)
Ring Ouzel 08/04/2012
Rosewall Hill  (Nigel Climpson)
Sand Martin 15/04/2012
Marazion (Sam Williams)
Ruff 19/03/2012
Par Beach  (Nigel Climpson)
Blue-winged Teal 19/03/2012
Walmsley Sanctuary (Lesley Mitchell)
Shelduck 17/03/2012
Marazion (Anthony Miners)

Dipper 15/03/2012
Crackington Haven (Paul Whittick)
Night Heron 17/03/12
Polgigga (Sam Williams)
Blue-winged Teal 19/03/2012
Walmsley Sanctuary (Paul Whittick)

Coots 27/02/2012
Walmsley Sanctuary (Lesley Mitchell)
Black Redstart 06/03/2012
Portscatho (Bob Mitchell)
Black -tailed Godwit 12/03/2012
(Derek Dennis)

Oystercatcher 07/02/2012
Barry Smith
Goosander 08/02/2012
Par Beach Pool (Nigel Climpson)
Glaucous Gull 26/02/2012
Newlyn (Sam Williams)

Razorbill 20/01/2012
The Rumps (Colin Selway)
Black Redstart 29/01/2012
Hannafore (Jim Eames)
Goosander 07/02/2012
St. Andrews Road Pool, Par (Nigel Climpson)

Glossy Ibis 13/01/2012
Chapel Amble (Adrian Langdon)
Teal 13/01/2012
Walmsley Sanctuary (Barry Rankine)
Peregrine 13/01/2012
St. Anthony Head (Bob Mitchell)

Black Redstart 02/01/2012
Spit Beach (Nigel Climpson)
Purple Sandpiper 10/01/2012
Penzance (David King)
2W Iceland Gull 10/01/2012
Carbis Bay (David King)