Cattle Egret Survey Summer 2017

Swift Report - Winter 2022

UPDATE: The results are in and the article including the results of this survey on the Cattle Egret influx 2016/2017 can be found –

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The Cattle Egret influx

Please take part in our Cornwall Cattle Egret survey this Sunday 19th March (16:30 – dusk). This is an informal survey to try and see how many are kicking about the county!

Spreadsheet below, fully editable – please enter your name and site to be surveyed –

Cornwall Cattle Egrets Survey Google.doc

Birds can come in reasonably late, but there is still reasonable light until c 6:45 or later if clear skies. Take care/sensible precautions if walking back in the dark.

Null results (ie no Cattle Egrets present) are just as important in this case as recording birds as present. Be aware of mixed roosts (with Little Egret).

If you know of any extra Little Egret roost or potential sites.add them in or let us know. Not all daytime occurring birds have been pinned down to a roost. Using local knowledge, it would be great to a) find these roosts or b) record time daytime birds if seen and if seen to leave feeding area late afternoon, direction last seen taking and time.

To get in touch email: [email protected] or use twitter #CornishEgrets, or tweet to @IlyaMaclean (or @cbwps1 ) but it should be fine to also post comments to the spreadsheet.

(Depending on how sites are covered, we may require a repeat attempt later on, but the birds won’t hang about forever)

Thanks, Ilya Maclean, Dan Chaney