Rock Thrush

Swift Report - Winter 2022

The report of a Rock Thrush seen by CBWPS stalwart Roy Phillips at Carn Vellan cliffs between Botallack and Geevor late afternoon on the 13th March caused no little excitement amongst the local birders. The next morning many were to be found scouring the area for the bird, but to no avail. By about 09:30 Viv Stratton a very experienced local birder had given up and was walking back to his car via Botallack Head when he spotted the bird above him on the ruins of one of the old mine buildings. Unfortunately he did not have enough time to take a photograph before it flew down the cliff and appeared to fly off to the south. Despite searching he could not relocate the bird, so he phoned other birders he knew were present at the original site. Sadly despite many people covering the area, the bird could not be relocated. Below is a copy of Viv’s sketches, drawn on his return home.