August 2020 News

Walks and Events program: We’re pleased to be able to say that the board has decided that this can now been resumed (24th August 2020). If you are able to lead any walks or events please contact Simon Marquis at [email protected] . We will announce any events or walks on the website sightings page and will update the Calendar as they come in.

COVID-19 Update 13th July: Due to the ongoing Coronavirus situation the Society walks and events program has been suspended until further notice. Society reserves are now open, however all hides remain closed. We will be publishing reports of rare birds in the County where it is felt it is safe to do so, please do continue to send in all records. See the Society Homepage for more information and a full statement from the board.

Cornish Choughs: The Society is now maintaining the dedicated Chough sightings database for Cornwall, adding to the many thousands of records received from birders and members of the public since 2001. Please send your sightings to [email protected] including, date, place, 6 fig grid ref if possible, and notes on any colour rings observed. Another record year for Cornish Chough in 2020 with 14 pairs successfully breeding and fledging 43 chicks – the highest number so far.

Sensitive Breeding Birds: Now that the breeding season is upon us we will be resuming our policy of withholding reports of sensitive breeding (and potential breeding) birds in the County. Please keep sending in your reports as even though they may not appear on the website they will still go into the county database and thus be available for the annual report, research and conservation. Remember, the welfare of the birds comes first. The full list of species including RBBP and Schedule 1 species can be found on the website here. Please always bear this in mind when sharing information on social media too.

Birding in Lockdown: Links to Garden Lockdown Listing League and our Birding Ideas Page, helping to make the most of extra time as a result of the lockdown.

Cornwall Swift Survey 2020: Following the latest guidance from the government and based on the position of the BTO amongst others we will be carrying out and collating results from this tetrad-based breeding survey where safe to do so. Details and recording form can be found here: Cornwall Swift Survey 2020. It is likely that the survey will continue into 2021 at least.

BiC 2018: ‘Birds in Cornwall’ the Cornwall Birds County Bird Report, is now out. Over 280 pages packed full of data, information and photographs of the county’s birds in 2018, with ringing report, articles and more. Excellent work by the BiC team led by Phil and Hilary, the report comes free with CBWPS membership. The front cover depicts the Grey Catbird near Lands End, one of the standout rarities in the county in 2018.