Chough Breeding Season Update

It’s been great to see so many Chough sightings coming into CBWPS, both on the bird news and the choughs@cbwps emails. This shows that our birds are still doing well and getting ready for this years breeding season. Please keep a lookout for Chough on our coast, as we have around 200 birds now and they are spreading out, from the Lizard all the way around the coast and are now beyond Trevose Head in the North. You might find Chough in unexpected places where you have never seen them before as young birds try to find a space of their own.

Our established pairs will soon start to rebuild their nests so you might be lucky enough to see birds carrying nest material or even witness courtship behaviour where the male feeds the female. Please keep sending in all your sightings of Chough to [email protected]  These records  help us enormously especially at this time of year as we can track where birds are and identify new pairs and potential new sites. The Chough Conservation Network (a partnership between CBWPS, RSPB and National Trust) then ensures that nests are monitored and given the protection they may need by volunteers.

You may also have noticed that Chough sightings are not being put up on our website at the moment and this is to protect our birds as they start nesting once again. Please help us keep our Chough safe from egg collectors and other equally damaging threats! Choughs can nest in old mine shafts and mine buildings among other places so please think carefully if you see Chough somewhere that could be a nest site and don’t put the exact location or identifiable pictures of the site on social media platforms.