December 2017 News

Palores Magazine: The next edition of Palores will be out in the New Year. If you have any contributions, news or ideas for articles please contact the Palores Editor Simon Marquis at [email protected]


Deadlines for copy 2017/18

  1. Autumn edition               8th October 2017
  2. Winter edition                 6th January 2018
  3. Spring edition                 8th April               
  4. Summer edition              8th July 
  5. Autumn edition               7th October   

Rarity descriptions:  New content on the website includes listings of rarer birds seen in the county in 2015 and 2016 (click to view) please read and contact us if you can help with a description or provide further details for publication in BiC and the county record. It would be a great shame to lose these records – some great birds in there.