Garden Listing 21st February 2021

Garden Bird Race update: Thanks to all those who took part, despite the pretty wet and dreary weather overall! We will provide an update tomorrow evening to allow for any later entries which may come in, along with updating the tables etc with any garden listing updates.

Garden Bird ‘Race’ Saturday 20th/Sunday 21st February: This weekend – the usual garden birding rules apply, the aim is to record as many birds as you can in or from your garden on either Saturday 20th February or Sunday 21st February (you can choose, or even do both!) Please email your total species list and highlights in to us at [email protected] (along with your name and location details for those who aren’t part of the main Garden Listing League). We’ll produce a brief roundup with highlights etc afterwards. Photos of birds or garden welcome. Good luck!

More info on our general garden listing league and the rules can be found Here

Feock: Siskin to add to my garden listing league. Still only second to bottom of list. I feel I am not trying hard enough! Very enjoyable all the same. One of our blackcaps is ringed so I have been able to pass that on to BTO. Cheers and thanks (Rosalind Smith)

Garden Listing 19th February 2021

Wadebridge: Another five to add to my tally taking me to 38. I’ve had plenty of Fieldfares but until recently no Redwing. In addition to that I’ve now had Greenfinch and Bullfinch, plus Pied and Grey Wagtail. (Simon Marquis)