Garden Listing 24th January 2021

Lanlivery: up to 35 with Grey Wagtail extra. (Phil McVey)

Constantine: Two additions. Canada Goose and finally a Goldcrest. This takes me to 47. Still going for 50 by end of the month. {News of the moment from here is that I am watching daily a pair of Ravens building their nest in the firs outside the dining room window. I can see them through my scope from inside the house. They have only just started in the last couple of days so the structure is as yet no more than a small pile of sticks but I am hoping for great things. They have tried to breed here before but I was not able to confirm success. This year their nest is more visible so I should know one way or the other.} (Tim Pinfield)

Mabe Burnthouse: It’s been mostly quiet over the last week but one new addition today – a Sparrowhawk briefly in flight before dropping below the rooftops opposite. (Dan Chaney)

Liskeard: not much new in the garden, Siskins, Coal Tits, Great and Blue tits, so spent a half hour scoping across the valley from the comfort and warmth of the front room. The resident buzzard was seen, perched  on one of the new fence posts erected on farmland. Just about to give up when a Thrush was sighted. Upright stance, very pale front, but with distinct smudges on the chest. White underwing when in flight.  A Mistle Thrush! So my total is now 26.  Slow but sure! (Deena Sharp)

Mistle Thrush – Deena Sharp

Coverack: The garden list is definitely benefitting from the end of uni exams. A fly-by Kestrel brought up 40, male Bullfinch for 41. A male Sparrowhawk has been visiting regularly so I’ve started keeping track of his success rate. So far 3 attempts, 3 misses. Also watched a female House Sparrow with a small white feather, which it carried around for a little while before being chased through the bushes by a male. Perhaps some early courtship? (Dan Beadle)

Garden Listing 23rd January 2021

Coverack: Got the ‘scope on the roof for the first time this year and gave the garden list a boost. Fieldfare, flyover Grey Wagtail, distant Gannet and Feral Pigeon, taking the list to 39. (Dan Beadle)

Praa Sands: I went outside to set off on morning walk to see 41, pair of bullfinches foraging in garden, looked up to see 42, two Starlings fly over and walked to the gate to see 43, a Med Gull on the green amongst the feeding Black heads. (Matt Southam)

St Keverne: Two additions: Chiffchaff (23rd) and Carrion Crow (on 20th). (Helen Norton)

Chiffchaff – Helen Norton

Crowlas: A long overdue Collared Dove and a distant Great Black-backed Gull additions taking the list up to 41. (Reuben Veal)

Marazion: Chiffchaff for 54. (Dave Parker)