Garden Listing 25th February 2021

Liskeard: 10.50 pm. Standing in the garden, listening to a Tawny Owl calling over in the valley. #29. (Deena Sharp)

Constantine: Two new birds for the year from the house today brings the total to 45. This morning there was a Siskin in the alder tree, and this evening a pair of Canada Geese flew down the valley. The warmer weather has stimulated our Rooks to start nest-building in earnest, and they have been busy trimming the Hazel outside my window for that purpose!

Constantine: Good views of female Peregrine overhead today so I am back on the podium with Andy Blonden at 52! (Tim Pinfield)

Trewoon: Not many new additions in February at the moment. Total so far is now 35 – a beautiful male Bullfinch (34) appeared for all of two minutes on the 17th and a Carrion Crow (35) was feeding in the adjacent field on the 20th. Highlight at the moment is a male blackcap has started to sing his lovely melody from the flowering cherry outside the lounge window. Spring is on the way! (Ian Toogood-Johnson)

Lanlivery: Update 24th February: A single Greenfinch brings total to 40 species recorded. (Phil McVey)

Coverack: A second garden year tick in two days! An evening Grey Heron flypast takes the list to 47. (Dan Beadle)