Garden Listing 27th January 2021

Polbathic: 3 Teal at breakfast this morning, bringing me to 52. (Andy Blonden)

Trewoon, St. Austell: Count now up to 33 thanks to two flyovers – a pair of Canada Geese (32) on the 23rd and a pair of Feral Pigeons (33) on the 25th. Yesterday was a great day for total numbers of birds, but no new ones for the list – a large flock of finches kept circling and got me hoping, but when they eventually settled they were 18 Goldfinch and 12 Chaffinch. Still good, but Linnet or Brambling would have been nicer! (Ian Toogood-Johnson)

Garden Listing 26th January 2021

Grampound Road: 41. Chiffchaff. (Rob Nicholls)

Camborne: Since the last tally, I have spotted Collared Doves, House Sparrows and Siskins in our garden. (Jo Eastman)

Dobwalls: A Pied Wagtail on a neighbour’s roof makes 35 (Chris & Janet Duffy)

Marazion: Turnstone for 56. (Dave Parker)

Garden Listing 25th January 2021

Polbathic: There had only been the recent reappearance of Long-tailed Tit to add to my previous total, until today. And what a fabulous day, with 31 species through the window, and even that with at least 8 ‘regulars’ not showing. Wigeon and Goldcrest were added in the morning. Then in the afternoon, a Meadow Pipit on the mud of the creek, followed, at last, by the previously ever-present Common Sandpiper finally turning up. This puts the total up to 51. (I’d just like to add that some of the photos included on the site are terrific. Well done, folks.) (Andy Blonden)

Mabe Burnthouse: Song Thrush was a new one on the 25th – recall seeing before the new year but not since. I realise that I haven’t recorded Great Tit yet this year – I’m sure I must have seen them in the back hedge, but will wait until I see another and on a specific date before adding! Cormorant (flying over) and Blackcap were both regular at the end of December but not seen since, so plenty of options still out there… along with Redwing and any other cold weather movement birds. (Dan Chaney)

Callestick: Recent additions are Grey Heron, Starling and Goldcrest taking the total to 42. Also, a Peregrine circled over the garden but unfortunately I was 300 yards away walking the dog so it doesn’t count! (Tony Wilson)

Funnily enough the same thing happened to me with a Peregrine over the garden on the same day. I tried running, but you can’t outrun the fastest bird in the world. – (Dan Beadle, Gardenlisting eds team)

Marazion: Great Crested Grebe for 55. (Dave Parker)