Garden Listing 27th November 2021

Feock: One Kestrel flew through the garden today and then up into a tree. We have never had one here before, a real surprise. Brings my total to 41. (Rosalind Smith)

Garden Listing 26th November 2021

Tresillian: A flock of around 30 Golden Plover low over the garden this afternoon takes my total to 68. (Andrew le Masurier)

Garden Listing 19th November 2021

Dobwalls: Male and female Bullfinch eating honeysuckle berries, then heard and saw a Tawny Owl fly from a tree a few yards from our house that night (Chris and Janet Duffy)

Garden Listing 13th November 2021

Tresillian: One more for my list – Marsh Tit on feeders. First time I have seen one there. (Andrew le Masurier)

Garden Listing 11th November 2021

Dobwalls: 1m Blackcap (Chris and Janet Duffy)

Garden Listing 7th November 2021

Polbathic: The top of this morning’s high spring tide allowed me to ‘scope a lovely Green Sandpiper, preening on the bank up-river, in the glorious early sunshine. A great way to start the day . . .and number 70. (Andy Blonden)

Garden Listing 6th November 2021

Dobwalls: 1 Chiffchaff in the garden (Chris and Janet Duffy)

Garden Listing 4th November 2021

Dobwalls: At long last, number 50 was a Grey Heron that flew low over our garden to our neighbour’s goldfish pond!

Also in the garden: 1 Peacock butterfly on the verbena (3rd Nov), 1m Blackcap, 2 Jay (1st Nov), with 1 Nuthatch, 3 Jay, 1 Red Admiral (30th Oct) and then 3 Redwing in our neighbour’s trees (21st Oct). (Chris and Janet Duffy)