Gerrans Bay Planning Application

Cornwall Birds regularly monitor planning applications in the Duchy for potential impacts on birds and their conservation. Recently our attention has been drawn to an application to the MMO for two large seaweed farms in Gerrans Bay. This is an important wintering area for seabirds especially divers and grebes. It is unclear what impacts these farms may have on seabirds. Together with the RSPB, the Society will be commenting on the application registering our concerns as follows:-

  • Effects on foraging behaviours
  • Disturbance displacement (day and night/ feeding or roosting sites) though noise, light or presence of structures or people.
  • Bird strike due to entanglement or striking cables, etc.
  • Reduction in or changes in food availability due to changes in ecology/hydro morphology, etc.
  • Pollution incidents/disease/biosecurity issues.