March 2019 News

BTO Rookery Survey: The BTO in Cornwall are running a local Rookery Survey and are looking for counters. If you are interested in counting a Rookery or have records with a six figure grid reference, please email Simon Taylor at [email protected]

Watch your valuables! Just to let people using the Ryan’s Field parking know, a car was broken into on Saturday morning – brick through the window. Please make sure that you take all valuables with you or keep them out of sight.

Sensitive Data: Now that the breeding season is close upon us again, we will shortly be resuming our policy of witholding reports of sensitive breeding (and potential breeding) birds in the County. Where appropriate, we will endeveavour to release news of “interesting” birds, but our first duty is to protect the birds themselves. Please keep sending in your reports, even though they will not appear on the website, as they will still go into the county database and thus be available for the annual report, research and conservation. Remember, the welfare of the birds comes first! Thanks for your understanding.

Please do bear this in mind when sharing information on social media too. As way of a reminder, here are a few key links to bear in mind:

 The Birdwatchers Code  The Nature Photographers Code  Wildlife & Countryside Act 1981  Schedule 1 Birds