Garden Listing

Whether you live by the coast, have a fantastic garden and views, or just a small suburban plot with limited views of the sky and a bird feeder, take part and enjoy watching and recording your avian visitors through the seasons. You may well get some interesting surprises!

Garden Listing

Whether you live by the coast, have a fantastic garden and views, or just a small suburban plot with limited views of the sky and a bird feeder, take part and enjoy watching and recording your avian visitors through the seasons. You may well get some interesting surprises!

Cornwall Garden Listing League 2022: We’re pleased to announce that garden listing will be back for 2022! Whether you live by the coast, have a fantastic garden and views, or just a small suburban plot with limited views of the sky and a bird feeder, take part and enjoy watching and recording your avian visitors through the seasons. You may well get some interesting surprises!

To take part please email your running total to us at: along with any other extras such as photos and your updates. We will be updating the table and posts below on a regular basis. You can be as competitive or not as you like – the main aim is to be motivated and enjoy your garden birding.

Essentially all birds seen or heard, in or from your garden, including those in flight (however distant). Birds seen on or above the garden do still count if you’re not actually on the property yourself, but not birds that you would have seen if you were there … but weren’t! Run to get in your garden if you see a distant Red Kite whilst returning from the shops. Feral Pigeon counts, but obvious escapes (eg Budgerigar) and domestic species don’t. You also can’t count dead birds and anything sound-recorded (nocmigging), but do let us know about them as they are still interesting to hear about, even if you can’t ‘tick’ them.


Garden Listing 2022 Table

RankUpdatedNameLocationLast Year’s Total2022 Garden ListNotes
128th AprAndy BlondenSt Germans7258Overlooking small creek
228th AprAndrew le MasurierTresillian6855Inland woodland/farmland
323rd MarTim PinfieldConstantine6853Fringe of woodland, view down a valley.
428th AprDan BeadleCoverack7046Scrub, farmland and hamlet. Sea distant.
5=9th MarGeoff and Jacky WhiteTrethurgy4745Large garden in rural village
5=29th AprRob NichollsGrampound Road5545Rural village mid-sized garden
71st MarPhil McVeyLanlivery6144Inland rural
82nd MarTony WilsonCallestick6042Medium garden, wooded valley in farmland.
918th AprGary HealeyCrowlas5540Inland with large garden
1031st JanDave PeersSwanpool, FalmouthNEW33Borders small nature reserve, near pool and beach
113rd MarDan ChaneyMabe Burnthouse5531Small garden (untidy but lots of cats in vicinity) on edge of village/housing estate.
12=4th MarRosalind SmithFeock4227Moderate sized mature garden
12=23rd MarBec PennyFeock4227Woodland garden.
1427th AprNick WilkinsSummercourtNEW24Rural mature garden enclosed by farmland
1515th AprDeena SharpLiskeard4121Housing Estate, distant views to farmland
169th MarSteve FordHelston3418Average size, overlooks park, surrounded by tall trees.

29th April 2022

Grampound Road: 44. Swallow and 45. House Martin. (Rob Nicholls)

28th April 2022

Tresillian: Two more for my list: Swallow and Greenfinch. (Andrew le Masurier) Coverack: 5 more added during a brief return to Cornwall over Easter

27th April 2022

St Germans: On 11th April, a male Blackap began coming to hang upside-down feeding on ivy berries. Then, at last, on 22nd, the previously

23rd April 2022

Summercourt: Can you please add a (male) Blackcap to my list – lovely bird (which takes me to 22). (Nick Wilkins)

18th April 2022

Tresillian: 6 more for my list as follows. Lesser Black-backed Gull, Kestrel, Shelduck, Black-headed Gull, House Sparrow, Grey Heron. (Andrew le Masurier) Crowlas: Swallow and

16th April 2022

Grampound Road: 43. Grasshopper Warbler. (Rob Nicholls)

15th April 2022

Liskeard: Please add # 21 to my garden listing. Canada Geese have just flown over the bungalow, en-route from Looe to Siblyback. (Deena Sharp)

11th April 2022

Grampound Road: 41. Kestrel & 42. Mallard. (Rob Nicholls)

2nd April 2022

Crowlas: Grey Heron takes me to 38. (G Healey) St Germans: Two ‘crackers’ on top of this morning’s spring tide: a Green Sandpiper and

1st April 2022

Grampound Road: Here are my new recent sightings to add: 39. Buzzard & 40. Skylark. (Rob Nicholls)  

27th March 2022

Crowlas: Red Kite takes me to 37. (G Healey)

25th March 2022

Crowlas: Please add Great Tit, Chiffchaff and Greenfinch to my list; total now 36. (G Healey)

24th March 2022

Liskeard: Now made it to a total of 20 with the additions of a Great Tit and Wren. It’s slow going! (Deena Sharp)

23rd March 2022

Constantine: New birds for the year have been rolling in over the past three weeks since I last wrote. The local farmer ploughing has

21st March 2022

Feock: Good to hear Chiffchaff in the garden this morning. Please add to my list to make 26. (Bec Penny)

20th March 2022

Summercourt: Sparrowhawk for 21. It was doing its thing with a dunnock – such mixed feelings about these beautiful killers. (Nick Wilkins)  

Garden Listing 19th March 2022

St Germans: I’ve only been able to add Great Spotted Woodpecker and Song Thrush in the last month, to get to 52. (Andy Blonden)

Garden Listing 4th March 2022

A busy week, with plenty of decent birds seen. Firecrest, Brambling, Treecreeper, Shag and Common Gull amongst the highlights. It won’t too long now

Garden Listing 24th February 2022

Constantine: I am happy to be in the list again. I always keep an annual record anyway Last year’s total was 68 and so

Garden Listing 18th February 2022

Another week with a good number of decent sightings, such as Raven, as well as a number of species notable for individual gardens. Congratulations

Garden Listing 10th February 2022

Feock: Please can you add Grey Heron to my list. It flew over early this morning. Brings my total to 26. (Rosalind Smith) Garden

Garden Listing 3rd February 2022

A busy week, with several new or re-joining gardens. A nice variety of highlights, including Brambling, Yellowhammer, Black Redstart, Marsh Tit and Wigeon. Tresillian:

Garden Listing 28th January 2022

It’s Friday night, which means another Garden Listing League update. Highlights this week include Marsh Tit and Raven. There are a few photos included

Garden Listing 21st January 2022

The first update for the year, and there has been some quality garden birding to be had, with Hen Harrier, Black Redstart, Firecrest and

Garden Listing 20th December 2021 and 2021 Final Table

Polbathic: A big surprise this morning: for the first time in very many years a Shoveler (m.) was in the creek, albeit looking quite

Garden Listing 2nd December 2021

Feock: Jackdaw in garden today. First for a couple of years. They used to be daily visitors. Good to see them, if only one,

Garden Listing 27th November 2021

Feock: One Kestrel flew through the garden today and then up into a tree. We have never had one here before, a real surprise.

Garden Listing 18th October 2021

Crowlas: Another two for my list, Jay and Skylark. (Gary Healey) Liskeard: Very slow now, but a Sparrowhawk through the garden makes a very

Garden Listing Wednesday 13th October

Praa Sands: Been away for a while, with the following birds seen from late Aug/early Sept: 76 – Wheatear on the Green, 77 –

Garden Listing Friday 17th September

Tresillian: One more for my list: Collared dove singing yesterday. (By which I mean it was singing on Thursday, not that it was going

Garden Listing 9th September 2021

Feock: Please add Grey Heron to my list. I heard it coming long before I saw it fly overhead! (Bec Penny) Garden Listing 5th

Garden Listing 6th August 2021

Polbathic: One more: a Willow Warbler has visited on the last two mornings, to do his annual chasing of Blue Tits – but there

Garden Listing 23rd July 2021

Praa Sands: This week number 75 turned up, a Green Woodpecker, heard calling but not seen, otherwise very quiet. (Matt Southam) Garden Listing 14th

Garden Listing 28th June 2021

Penryn: At last, Great Spotted Woodpecker- a juv on telegraph wires. Total now 64 species. (John Holmes) Constantine: Flyover Cormorant and a Whitethroat that

Garden Listing 24th June 2021

Praa Sands: After all this time suddenly a Curlew (no.73) arrives, two calling as they flew over. (Matt Southam) Garden Listing 22nd June 2021

Garden Listing 15th June 2021

Crowlas: Mallard takes me to 49. (Gary Healey) Garden Listing 13th June 2021 Liskeard: At last! Numbers 38 and 39! Swallows and House Martins

Garden Listing 11th June 2021

Liskeard: Male Bullfinch feeding on leftover sunflower seeds amongst the flower border this evening. A stunning number 37. (Deena Sharp) Constantine: Saw this Barn

Garden Listing 8th June 2021

Lanlivery: First new species for over a month. Two Swifts overhead, brings the total to 57 species (I seem to have lucked out on

Garden Listing April and May Roundup

It’s time for another Cornwall Garden Listing League roundup, and this one is a double roundup for April and May. The last few months

Garden Listing 2nd June 2021

Polbathic: Linnet this morning makes 61. (Andy Blonden) Garden Listing 1st June 2021 Liskeard: A long awaited addition, a Swift over the bungalow this

Garden Listing 31st May 2021

Constantine: Red Kite directly over the house this afternoon takes the list to 59. (David Collins) Praa Sands: Crept up to 68 with two

Garden Listing 28th May 2021

Tresillian: Two more to add to my list, with Red Kite and first ever Hobby seen from the garden. (Andrew le Masurier) Callestick: 5

Garden Listing 22nd May 2021

Callestick: I added Linnet today to take my total to 57. (Tony Wilson) Dobwalls: For number 46 on our list; a brief visit from 2

Garden Listing 20th May 2021

Feock: The first eagerly awaited Swift arrived today bringing my total to 37. (Rosalind Smith)

Garden Listing 19th May 2021

Feock: The beautiful sound and sight of Swifts today, bringing my total to 41. (Bec Penny) Feock: Please add Black-tailed Godwit flying over to

Garden Listing 14th May 2021

Feock: Summer really has come. After yesterday’s sighting of a Swallow, today we had a pair of House Martins over the garden bringing my

Garden Listing 12th May 2021

Feock: House Martins and Swallows seen today. Here comes summer! (Bec Penny) Garden Listing 10th May 2021 Dobwalls: Our first House Martin of the

Garden Listing 7th May 2021

Dobwalls: Another addition to the list, making 44. Two Cormorant flew over heading the towards the coast. (Chris and Janet Duffy) Constantine: Two new

Garden Listing 5th May 2021

Praa Sands: First Manx Shearwaters, no. 66, moving through with gannets and the odd auks yesterday. (Matt Southam) Garden Listing 3rd May 2021 Perranarworthal:

Garden Listing 30th April 2021

Constantine: There was a Cuckoo calling somewhere in the valley late afternoon. Would be great to see it from the garden, but takes the

Garden Listing 29th April 2021

Polbathic: House Martins over the river, this evening. That’s 57. (Andy Blonden) Praa Sands: At last two House Martins have arrived over the houses.

Garden Listing 20th April 2021

Polbathic Creek: A Whimbrel turned up this morning, making 55; but it’s been very slow lately. (Andy Blonden) Garden Listing 19th April 2021 Constantine:

Garden Listing 18th April 2021

Feock: Little Egret makes 33, as one just flew over while we were sitting facing the window. (Rosalind Smith) Praa Sands: Thought it a

Garden Listing 15th April 2021

Tresillian: Five to add to my list: Great Black-backed Gull, Lesser Black-backed Gull, Greenfinch, Little Grebe and Shelduck. (Andrew le Masurier)

Garden Listing 14th April 2021

Liskeard: Total now 34 with today’s sighting of a lone Cormorant flying overhead this morning, South to North. Possibly heading for Siblyback from Looe?

Garden Listing 9th April 2021

Liskeard: My running total is now at 33, as I heard a Green Woodpecker “yaffle” this morning as I put out the washing. It

Garden Listing 7th April 2021

Crowlas: After a quiet month with just a single addition, two came along within two minutes. First a Green Woodpecker calling then 3 Siskin

Easter Weekend Bird Race

Polbathic: My garden list for Sunday 4th was: Tawny Owl (heard), Mute Swan, Pheasant, Little Egret, Goldfinch, Blackbird, Rook, Blue Tit, Jackdaw, Magpie, Wood

Garden Listing 4th April 2021

Crowlas: Swallow takes me to 43. (Gary Healey) Crowlas: perhaps even the same Swallow as Gary, new for 58. (Reuben Veal) Praa Sands: Wednesday

Garden Listing 2nd April 2021

Tresillian: Goldcrest, Tawny Owl and Sparrowhawk from 27th March; Firecrest, Nuthatch and Blackcap (singing) from 1st April; Grey Heron on 2nd April. (Andrew le