Walmsley Sanctuary Access – May 2022 (UPDATE)

***UPDATE – Swift work by Council contractors has seen the bridge now opened to traffic and pedestrains again, so access to the reserve is now possible.***

The bridge at Trewornan which is our link between parking and accessing Walmsley was hit by a lorry yesterday morning causing serious damage.

I’ve been inundated with questions about how members can get to the reserve.

The bridge is now totally closed to traffic and I imagine pedestrians as it is in a dangerous state with a section of parapet knocked away and 2 pedestrian refuge triangles hanging precariously.

It will no doubt take many weeks to rebuild and whilst our County Councillor has said it will take priority there will be a multi agency task force involved and we all know how slowly that could progress.

It is a listed structure and therefore building materials & craftsmanship will need to be monitored.

One suggestion is to park on the road to the bridge on the Polzeath / Rock side of the bridge having driven via Chapel Amble , St.Endellion or Delabole & use the usual public footpath.

Please do not block access to the hotel.

This may change however, especially when the council start work on the bridge.

Be aware that traffic at Chapel Amble for the past 2 days has been horrendous.

Highways recommend a diversion via Pendoggett and St.Teath but all routes are narrow & will be busy.

I will continue to update members when I can.

Adrian Langdon 16/05/22