We are angry!!

The UK Government has launched an unprecedented attack on nature. They are threatening to tear up the laws that protect our best wildlife sites, weakening protections for nature in the planning system and may be about to scrap vital proposals that would help farmers help nature.

We need your help, right now!

The first thing we need to do is make it abundantly clear to our MPs that people want to see nature protected. As they sit in their party conferences, we want them to clearly understand that nature is not a negotiable luxury. We want them to feel the strength of feeling. That nature matters, that it underpins our lives, our economy and our wellbeing.

We want YOU to contact your MP today. There’s a specially designed letter that you can send to your MP, that gives more detail. But feel free to use your own words. Making these things personal and heartfelt is always best.

Now more than ever, nature needs us.

To find out more and to send a prewritten letter to your MP please visit the RSPB website here: RSPB Action and Letter Page