Incomplete County Records 2018

Incomplete County Records 2018

We have now begun work on Birds in Cornwall 2018. There are a number of records where a description is needed before they can be accepted into the County Record and feature in BiC 2018. Details of these records are provided via the link below. If you have submitted one of these records you may already have been contacted by the County Recorder about providing more information or a description. If you have not yet been contacted and you recognise one of these incomplete records as being yours please do get in touch via email [email protected] or by filling out the rarity form on the CBWPS website and sending it in. Please help to keep the County Record as complete as possible!

Thanks very much,

Hilary & Phil, Editors Birds in Cornwall (BiC)

Please visit the link below on the website for the full list of records of birds required (including both date and location) throughout the year –

>County Records requiring further information in 2018<

Rarities in the county for which we still require full descriptions include such nationally rare species as Pacific Diver, Gyr Falcon, Eastern Olivaceous Warbler and Red-eyed Vireo, commoner scarcities such as Black Kite, Alpine Swift, Bee-eater and Red-rumped Swallow, and county rarities including Pink-footed Goose, Long-eared Owl, Nightingale and Tree Sparrow. For the full list of 65 species and dates please see the link above.

If you saw any of these species within the County in 2018 please check out the link above and check the dates. Even if you were not the original finder it would still be very useful to receive a description, or in some cases appropriate photographic evidence in order to not lose these records from the County Record. If in doubt please contact the County Recorder as above.