Seawatching in Cornwall – Late Summer

Seawatching in Cornwall – Late Summer

An Introduction to Seawatching in Cornwall –  Late Summer 

  1. Where to go

  2. When to go

  3. Seawatching – the basics

As the first of the summer storms start to batter the Cornish coastline we are now into that time of year when many keen birders around the country start to turn their attention to the iconic headlands of the South West, and Cornwall in particular, with the allure of the ‘big two’ shearwaters and the hope of something rarer proving an irresistible draw …

Cory’s Shearwater – Brian Field

Cory’s Shearwater and Great Shearwater are both regular visitors to the warmer waters of the Bay of Biscay further to the south west and the western approaches but are difficult to catch up with anywhere in the British Isles in season. Even in Cornwall, away from a handful of sites and in anything less than ideal conditions, they are not at all guaranteed – and even then it seems to be down to luck with other factors at play.

So, for the chance of large shears and the hope of a rarer seabird, firstly aim for the far west of Cornwall…



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