Are You an Artist?

Artists Still Wanted

Your help is wanted.
The Society has two teams of people working very hard to clear the backlog in the production of our annual report Birds in Cornwall. In the past the pages of these reports were graced with firstly drawings and then later on photographs as well. We would like to carry on the tradition by including art work from members of the Society and we are appealing to members who have the occasional urge to pick up a drawing pen.
You don’t have to be a professional artist to produce what we are looking for. Sometimes the most simple of images evoke the spirit of the bird. It is not just rarities we want but the common ones too. Some images from the past are posted HERE to give you some idea of the range of images that might suit.
The deadline for sending in sketches for the volumes in preparationhas become more flexible and we will require more for future volumes so keep them coming. It is undecided at the moment whether the reports will support full colour art work so sketches that contain colour may be reduced to black and white.
If you feel you can help images can be emailed to [email protected] and of course full accreditation to the artist will be given in the publication.