Garden Listing 12th March 2021

Mabe Burnthouse: First new bird for some weeks, up to 40 with Jay in the back hedge. Alerted to it by the fact that one of the neighbours cats was halfway up the hedge – disturbing lots of other birds including 8 Redwing, 2 Song Thrush and a Chaffinch. (Dan Chaney)

Creegbrawse, Chacewater: Just had a Red Kite pass very low over the garden lower than tree top height. Total now 40 species. (Brian Toms)

Garden Listing 11th March 2021

Feock: Two more to add to my list please, both seen flying over today: Grey Heron and Cormorant. (Rosalind Smith)

Constantine: Fly-over Linnet takes the list to 48. (David Collins)

Polbathic: At last; after six weeks with no ‘new bird’, today there’s been a lovely male Black Redstart around here, making my total 53.