Garden Listing 14th May 2021

Feock: Summer really has come. After yesterday’s sighting of a Swallow, today we had a pair of House Martins over the garden bringing my total to 35. Out of interest our garden is still terrorised by a killer Crow whom we have seen take pigeons and a blackbird in flight. He also brings everything he finds to eat, whether it be live, carrion or bits of food (including lettuce the other day!) to tear to bits and wash in our bird bath before eating it. (Rosalind Smith)

Garden Listing 13th May 2021

Feock: Saw our first Swallow of the year over the garden today to take my total to 34. (Rosalind Smith)

Constantine: House Martin and Swift bring me up to 60. Unusually, a Mistle Thrush was singing from the top of our Cupressus tree this morning. This is not new for the garden – just beautiful to behold. (Tim Pinfield)

Mistle Thrush – Tim Pinfield

Mistle Thrush – Tim Pinfield