Garden Listing 28th March 2021

Dobwalls: 2 Swallows over the garden brings our total to 41 (C&J Duffy)

Polbathic: A Wheatear spent a long time this afternoon, on the Kingfisher stick, watching the tide come in; looking cold and tired (just like me, although I hadn’t flown across the Channel) and making my total up to 54. (A Blonden)

Coverack: 1 female Siskin on appeared on the feeders, taking my total to 54. Siskin is an annual visitor to the garden, with 1 or 2 usually turning up in late April or May for a day and then disappearing again! (D Beadle)

Praa Sands: Number 59, Sandwich tern this week, wonderful to watch them again in the bay. First time views of migrants after the winter are such a delight. (M Southam)