Garden Listing 28th May 2021

Tresillian: Two more to add to my list, with Red Kite and first ever Hobby seen from the garden. (Andrew le Masurier)

Callestick: 5 Red Kites over the garden late afternoon but the one I’ve been waiting for was Swift which takes my total to 58. (Tony Wilson)

Garden Listing 25th May 2021

Coverack: Having returned from exile at uni in Norfolk, my list now totals 60 with species added including Sedge Warbler. Still no definite Cuckoo however – apparently there were plenty around while I was away! (Dan Beadle)

Trethurgy: Swallow and Swift seen, plus have heard Cuckoo and Willow Warbler. (Geoff White)

Garden Listing 24th May 2021

Penryn: Green Woodpecker was added at the start of May with Swift about ten days ago. Rough weather last week but good visibility meant I could finally scope a Gannet in the Carrick Roads from here in Penryn. Less expected was the Cuckoo that flew by in a squall on Thursday –only my second from here in nine years.  Total comes to 59 now, though there are some pretty glaring omissions. (John Holmes)

Polbathic Creek: A very welcome Nuthatch visiting the feeders today, makes 59. (Andy Blonden)

Garden Listing 23rd May 2021

Feock: We had a jay fly past today for 38. Last year we saw them regularly, but not so this year. (Rosalind Smith)