Garden Listing 5th February 2021

Crowlas: The first Nuthatch in the garden since 2015 was a great interruption to a midweek Zoom call as it fed and even started flycatching outside the window. Grey Wagtail also new on 4th for 45.

A remarkable half hour in the garden on 5th managed to add 6 species! Greenfinch, Stock Dove and Feral Pigeon were all overdue and down to not having enough time to put in throughout January. A farmer ploughing was helpful in getting a Med Gull amongst a larger gull flock and some great visibility allowed me to pluck out a Gannet in the tiny section of sea I can see (at 5km range!) from the roof. The last tick was the third second-record-for-garden in 3 weeks as a pair of Mallard flew over. Up to 51. (Reuben Veal)

Constantine: I finally achieved something I didn’t do last lockdown which was to see 40 species in a day. I had reached 30 by midday so decided to devote the rest of the day to trying to crack the record. I was on 39 at 5.30 and settled down to see Woodcock at dusk as I often do. No show. I waited and at 5.45 a Grey Heron floated over the garden heading for the river, making the 40. Highlights were a flock of 200-300 Golden Plover, Green Woodpecker, Long-tailed Tits, Bullfinches, Tawny Owl (actually seen rather than just heard), 6 Egrets, Blackcaps, small group of Redwings twittering together in the trees, Goldcrest and Firecrest, the latter taking my garden total to 49. I also saw my first butterfly of the year, a Red Admiral. (Tim Pinfield)

Garden Listing 4th February 2021

Callestick: Yesterday our returning Canada Geese made a noisy return to their pond taking the total to 48. Still haven’t added House Sparrow! (Tony Wilson)

Creegbrawse, Chacewater: Frenzy around bird feeders shattered by Sparrowhawk today. No kill. Total now 34. (Brian Toms)

Marazion: Glaucous Gull for 60, a new species for the combined list. (Dave Parker)