Garden Listing 5th May 2021

Praa Sands: First Manx Shearwaters, no. 66, moving through with gannets and the odd auks yesterday. (Matt Southam)

Garden Listing 3rd May 2021

Perranarworthal: April a little quieter in terms of additions, but Osprey over on the 12th was a highlight. Also added Blackcap on the 2nd, Swallow on the 17th and House Martin on the 28th. Think this takes me to 59. (Stu Bearhop)

Lanlivery: 3rd May: Cuckoo calling from South Red Moor brings total so far to 56 species. (Phil McVey)

Garden Listing 2nd May 2021

Lanlivery: Doesn’t count of course, but a very unusual sight was a Fulvous Whistling Duck, calling in flight and still present on the 3rd. A few more additions over the past four weeks and an earlier one I forgot to report:

27th April: I think I must have overlooked them before, but my first recorded Bullfinch today (55)
26th April: A Grasshopper Warbler ‘reeling’ in the damp field next door at dusk (54)
15th April: A Kestrel briefly showed above the garden. (53 species)
6th March: They must always be about, but my first Sparrowhawk (52) (Phil McVey)

Constantine: Dave Collins’ Cuckoo came up here! I saw it in the garden and it is now down in our valley. This takes me to 58. (Tim Pinfield)