Garden Listing 6th August 2021

Polbathic: One more: a Willow Warbler has visited on the last two mornings, to do his annual chasing of Blue Tits – but there are few around, this year. So with the Feral Pigeon and Green Woodpecker of 14th and 29th of last month, this puts me now at 65. (Andy Blonden)

Garden Listing 3rd August 2021

Coverack: Usually Whitethroat is a regular species, but this year I hadn’t had one until 3/8, when like buses two turned up at once!

Garden Listing 1st August 2021

Lanlivery: Very late this year, first recorded House Martin over the garden. Nearest breeders are a mile away, and they don’t often drift this way. Total 60 species. (Phil McVey)

Garden Listing 29th July 2021

Polbathic: On 14th, a humble Rock Dove/Feral Pigeon spent some hours at the pond and this afternoon’s 2 young Green Woodpeckers drags our total to 64. (In former years, Whitethoat, Willow Warbler, Reed Bunting, Barn Owl etc. would all have been regulars, but, sadly, no longer). (Andy Blonden)

Garden Listing 24th July 2021

Tresillian: One more for my list – a Spotted Flycatcher feeding robin-like on the ground before flying up to a tree and behaving more appropriately. (Andrew le Masurier)