Garden Listing 8th June 2021

Lanlivery: First new species for over a month. Two Swifts overhead, brings the total to 57 species (I seem to have lucked out on the Red Kites this year!). (Phil McVey)

Liskeard: Number 36 is a Song Thrush, singing from across the valley today. (Deena Sharp)

Garden Listing 6th June 2021

Constantine: When out for a walk a couple of days ago I noticed a Whitethroat singing in a hedge on the opposite side of the valley to our house, about 800m away. Today, I was able to see it in song flight from the house through my telescope! So the list moves to 60. (David Collins)

Coverack: A very distant singing Willow Warbler for 67. (Dan Beadle)