Garden Listing Jan 1st 2021

Welcome to Cornwall Garden Listing 2021!!

Cornwall Garden Listing League 2021: Whether you live by the coast, have a fantastic garden and views, or just a small suburban plot with limited views of the sky and a bird feeder, take part and enjoy watching and recording your avian visitors through the seasons.

To take part please email your running total to us at: [email protected] along with any other extras such as photos and your updates. We will be updating the table and posts on a regular basis. You can be as competitive or not as you like – the main aim is to be motivated and enjoy your garden birding.

Essentially all birds seen or heard, in or from your garden. In flight, or however distant. (Feral Pigeon counts, but escaped and domestic species don’t).

This is open to all, CBWPS members or not (we would of course encourage you to join if not already a member – online membership has all been set up but is not yet available for new members). The birds and other wildlife are all out there, even if we can’t get out as far as we want when in lockdown. Don’t worry if some have much better garden lists than yours – the main aim is to push your own list, and hopefully see some interesting birds you wouldn’t have otherwise seen!

Garden listing ‘rules’:

    • Essentially all birds seen or heard, in or from your garden.
    • All birds to be seen by the named observer only, in or from the garden (or house) – however distant.
    • This includes flyovers over the property and however distant, as long as they are identifiable!
    • Birds seen on the property or in the air space above count if you are not actually on the property yourself (such records tend to be rare but for example a Sparrowhawk that flies out of your garden as your approach).

The following don’t count, unfortunately –

    • Birds that you would have seen if you were there … but weren’t. Run to get inside the property boundaries if you have to if you see a distant Red Kite whilst returning from the shops!
    • Exotics and escapes not on the British list such as Budgerigar, Muscovy Duck etc, dead birds and sound-recorded (nocmigging) only (however do let us know about them as they are still interesting to hear about, even if you can’t ‘tick’ them.)

We also hope to have occasional bird ‘races’, hour counts and other events as the year progresses.

We have also set up an online spreadsheet where you can view your list and compare against the combined joint Cornwall Garden List. This will help with both checking your own lists for errors and targets, and allow us to see which species people are seeing and make comparisons. (As with the table, we will update the spreadsheet regularly.)

The link – Googlesheets Joint Cornwall List

Finally don’t forget to submit any other bird sightings to the normal [email protected] email address use BTO Birdtrack and submit to CWT Erccis for other county wildlife sightings.

Good luck with your garden birding!