Interested in undertaking bird surveys near Coverack or Boscastle?

Farming & Wildlife Advisory Group SouthWest (FWAG SouthWest), are one year into a project working with 15 farms in Cornwall to survey birds and create habitats for their conservation. Each farm has a volunteer surveying birds 3 times per year (spring, summer and winter).

Two of their surveyors are no longer able to continue surveying due to personal circumstances, meaning we are looking to recruit two additional volunteers to take on one survey site each. One is at Coverack, and the other is at Boscastle – see attached maps below which show the survey routes. During the project we have already recorded interesting species at these sites, including spotted flycatcher, cuckoo, woodcock and many more.

If you are fairly confident in your bird ID skills, and would like to carry out surveys on one of these two interesting sites, please email – [email protected]