January 2019 News

New items will be added to the top of the monthly news page as they come in. Last update:16/01/19

CBWPS Cornwall Birds ‘Pic of the Year’ Results are now in, with the winner being the Common Crane photo! The Final Vote page on the ‘CBWPS 12 Birds of Christmas’ has now been updated showing your overall favourite pic of 2018 on the website. Thanks all for voting, and congrats to all whose photos appeared!

The 2018 Archive, with all the Pic of the Week photos can be found Here

Birds in flight by John Chapple: A soothing video montage of birds in Cornwall –

Birds in flight by John Chapple – all birds filmed in Cornwall, over the last 8 years.

Last update:09/01/19

CBWPS Cornwall Birds ‘Pic of the Year’ You can now cast your Final Vote on the ‘CBWPS 12 Birds of Christmas’ to find your overall favourite pic of 2018 on the website. Thanks all for voting, and congrats to all whose photos appeared!

End of Year Quiz: Answers are now up on the website – you can still look at the questions if you hadn’t already, answers at the bottom of the page here.

BTO Colour-ringed Blackcaps: Please look out for colour-ringed Blackcaps again this winter; fresh birds are still being ringed around the country and some birds from last winter have already been re-found in Cornwall. News from last year and more on the project can be found on the 2017/18 Blackcap page on the website, with updates to follow. Robbie is also hoping to organise a wider Blackcap survey in Cornwall later next month, so do look out for that too.

Last update:08/01/19

Optics for Liberia: Fraser Bell will be going out to Liberia to work with the local birdlife in-country counterpart ‘Society Conservation of Nature in Liberia’ later in January. Local ornithologists are using the worst equipment imaginable, but still managing to do some great conservation work in an area that it is sorely needed! The majority don’t even have working binoculars. Please see this page to read more or if you have any old/unused optics you can donate.

Volunteering Opportunity: The National Trust in West Cornwall are looking for bird enthusiasts who may wish to volunteer their time to help carry out bird surveys at some of their countryside sites, to help measure the effects of habitat management.  Sites that will be surveyed twice per year on an ongoing basis include Porthminster, Zennor head, Gurnards head, Boswednack, Botallack, Kenidjack, Mayon cliff, Penberth, Cudden point, Trewavas and Trenow. If you are interested, please contact Shaun Boyns, one of the Area Rangers on 07881 811481 for more information.

Last update:05/01/19

County Bird News: As of 1st Jan, the two expanding egret species in the UK, Cattle and Great White have been taken off the ‘County Description Species’ List. Care over id may still need to be taken, & recorder/committee may request further information for any particular sighting.

Cattle Egrets, Dave Thomas Great White Egret, Ben Oakes

Palores Reminder: 48 hours to final copy deadline!! (Jan 7th) – items, snippets and reports.

*Cornwall Birds: Review of 2018*: An excellent and comprehensive roundup of the 2018 Birding Year by Reuben Veal on the website Here What were your highlights?

1st January Cornwall New Year’s Day Bird Race: Get the year list kickstarted and see how many birds you can see on your local patch, by green birding or county-wide. Please see the website page HERE for further details.

CBWPS Cornwall Birds ‘Pic of the Year’ – we will be posting up a selection from the weekly ‘pic of the week’ photos received throughout the year. (The pix are normally to be found on the website homepage). Over the traditional 12 days of Christmas, you can vote for one out of the day’s shortlist. Ultimately we will find out which is your overall favourite for 2018. Please see the 12 Birds of Christmas page on the website to views the photos and to vote in the poll. If you haven’t already done so you can still vote of previous day’s selections. Thanks for supporting us and our contributors throughout the year.

And the Results Page – updated daily with the winning bird photo.

Yearlisting 2019: We will soon be sorting out tables for County Yearlisting for the coming year, and hopefully Cornwall Life Lists too. In the meantime, see HERE for the 2018 table and provisional 2018 County List.

Kuzma Minin Update:The Kuzma Minin has now been moved to a buoy within the Carrick Roads for further inspections and to organise salvage operations. There have been no reports of oil spills but we remain concerned if there was any damage that could result in an oil spill.

The RSPB is asking people to report any sightings of birds in that area, Falmouth Bay, the Carrick Roads, Gerrans and Veryan Bay to the CBWPS website and [email protected] as soon as possible so we can help highlight any sensitive areas for divers and grebes in particular that need protecting, to the authorities in the event of any oil spill. Please also report any signs of oiled birds to CBWPS/RSPB (and also report any live oiled birds to RSPCA 0300 1234 999). Many thanks for your help and any queries do call.

BiC Update: Awaiting further updates, however the 2017 report was reportedly last at section writer stage.

Pied Wheatear, Phil Taylor

2018 Cornwall County List: The Pied Wheatear at Trevose Head and the third Pallid Swift for the County (after birds in 2007 in Wadebridge and 2009 at Nanjizal) bring the county total to a provisional 299 for the year.The updated county list can be found on the website –  County List 2018

Membership Subscriptions: As per the latest Palores there will be a slight membership rate rise in the New Year. This is in keeping with rising costs and yet still represents great value for money. It should be noted that there is no need to physically post either form – members can amend their own Standing Orders (SO) online with their bank (or in branch), and Gift Aid Declarations do not require a signature – hence a scan of the form or information therein (name and address) can be forwarded on to the Membership Secretary by email.

Taking out a digital Palores (emailed pdf version) in your membership will also save the society a substantial sum which can be put towards other society aims.

Palores Reminder: The deadline for articles for the next Palores is 7th January. Please send content, including articles and birding snippets to Simon Marquis at [email protected].

Other items – other national and global news items that we would like to bring your attention to, often as mentioned on the twitter account.

Mist nets on ebay: Ebay have been selling spring traps and mist nets on a global scale, apparently in high volume over 1400 current listings).  There is no legitimate use for small spring traps and licensed ringers source mist nets elsewhere. Please sign it, and also consider sharing it with anyone who might be opposed to this.

Petition at Change.org – Stop ebay selling mist nets online

Last Song of the Nightingale: These excellent folk are hoping to make a documentary about Nightingales, to raise awareness and inspire people to save them – before the Nightingale sings its last song. The principle applies to all our vulnerable and disappearing wildlife. Please see here for update (they made it!) and watch the video:

Last Call – 2017 records requiring further information: There are a number of county and BBRC rares still requiring description or submission to the county recorder. Without the birds being submitted they will be unable to go on the county record or be published in the forthcoming 2017 BiC Annual Report. A full list and information can be found on the website HERE .