June 2019 News

Updating Membership Records: Could all members please ensure that the email addresses as held by the membership secretary are correct, especially if you have changed your email address in the recent past. A number have recently bounced or seem to be out of date as no replies have been received from them. Please also check that your membership status is correct – note for example that Senior Memberships are from 65 years.

If you would like to change from receiving a printed copy of Palores to a digital pdf copy, or do not wish to receive BiC (Birds in Cornwall) as part of your membership do please let us know, as in both cases this will save the society both in printing and postage costs. Please contact Carol, Membership Secretary at [email protected]

New Membership Secretary: as of 1st May Carol Hughes has taken over from Angela Moore as Membership Secretary for the Society. The Society is very grateful to Angie for her many years of tireless service as Membership Secretary, and wishes her all the best in her future endeavours. Membership enquiries and requests should continue to be sent to the usual [email protected] address