Military Exercise Cancelled at Colliford Reservoir

Swift action by Cornwall Birds and the South West Lakes Trust has led to the Ministry of Defense deferring a proposed full blown military exercises at Colliford Lake on Bodmin Moor.

Dave Conway, Cornwall Birds warden at the Loveny Reserve contacted the board last week with news of the proposed exercise. It was scheduled to take place in the middle of the breeding season in an area of the Moor where large scale military vehicles would be deployed in key Curlew breeding territories. Very few pairs of Curlew now breed in Cornwall and the exercise including troop movements and low level flights by Chinook helicopters, would have caused considerable disturbance to a variety of moorland nesting birds!

Mark Grantham, Chair of Cornwall Birds and Jeremy Fielden, Environment and Engagement Ranger for South West Lakes Trust, expressed their concerns to the Ministry of Defense who on learning of the potential harm that they would cause decided very quickly to cancel the operation and look at alternatives or defer it to later in the year.

An excellent result!