Missing Pictures on the Recent Sightings Page

A small number of visitors to the site have experienced intermittent missing pictures on the Recent Sightings page.
I am sorry for this but it is due to circumstances beyond  our control
It seems that this is a well known problem related to the use of Internet Explorer 8, and maybe earlier versions, as your browser.
The problem is only evident where there are pictures in tables. These are usually just the groups of smaller images in the Sightings page.
If you have this problem the solution is to use another browser to view the site. IE9 works well but cannot be used on Windows XP. Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox also work well and can be used on XP and all later versions of Windows. These are all free dowloads and are easily installed. They can all be co-existent in your computer.
If you have any further problems or suffer this problem in a browser other than in IE8 I would grateful if  you could report it to me [email protected]
Nigel Climpson
Web Manager CBWPS