Save Europe’s Vultures from Poisoning with Veterinary Diclofenac

From Mark Avery’s blog we encourage you to read the below and sign the petition. 09/01/guest-blog- international-vulture- awareness-day-ian-parsons/

Dear Swift Friends, You may be aware of the sad yet ridiculous tale of the European Commission and the veterinary use of a drug, the anti-inflammatory Diclofenac. This drug is in common use throughout the world to treat such conditions as joint inflammation, it can thus extend the useful lives of dairy cattle. However, once it came into widespread use in India the vulture population there was wiped out, by some accounts 99% of all India’s vultures died. Diclofenac residues in dead cattle affect Vultures’ kidneys, and kill them within a few days.

Incredibly, years after the entire environmental and veterinary professions knew the risk, the European Commission licensed the same drug for veterinary use in Europe, while apparently at the same time funding the feeding of Vultures with farm animal carcases in Spain to support Vulture populations there. Quite how such an insane state of affairs came about, when there are equally cheap and effective alternatives to Diclofenac available, is an interesting problem to ponder over as the nights draw in and the world becomes ever darker.

Now ‘s the time to try and reverse this madness; we need vultures as Nature’s non-polluting hygienic waste disposal system, we need them even more maybe to study their amazing immune systems to help us survive new and existing diseases, we need them as magnificent inspiring visions in the sky, and we need them to name castles after in Game of Thrones!

Please follow the link and sign the petition!

Best wishes, Edward – Keeping the Skies Alive