September 2018 News

Two free films about birds by artist Andy Holden will be screened at CAST, 3 Penrose Road, Helston TR13 8TP from Sunday 2nd until Sunday 23rd September.

Andy Holden is the son of RSPB ornithologist Peter Holden, whose knowledge and expertise informs both films. In ‘A Natural History of Nest Building’ (2017) Andy collaborates with his father to describe the mechanics and idiosyncrasies of bird behaviour. The film ‘The Opposite of Time’ (2017) is narrated by an animated crow, voiced by Holden, who guides us through the social history of egg collecting, illegal in Great Britain since 1954.
The films will be shown on a loop continuously, Tuesday to Sunday, 10am to 5pm. The combined running time of the two films is approximately one hour. Admission is free.Further information:

Enquiries: [email protected] or telephone 01326 565632

Woodpeckers: For anyone interested in our Lesser Spotted and Great Spotted Woodpeckers please listen to this BBC 4 Nature program, very interesting updates on their behavior and breeding rates.

Dartford Warblers: It would appear that Dartford Warblers were hit very hard by the “Beast from the East” earlier this year and seem to be missing from many traditional sites. It would be very much appreciated if everyone could submit any records for this species, so we can better understand the true situation. Many thanks.