Social Media Policy and Actions for Breeding and Sensitive Birds in Cornwall

During the breeding season Cornwall Birds (CBWPS) may opt to withdraw public posts from our social media channels concerning some protected and vulnerable breeding species within the county.

Ultimately this is to ensure their overall protection, but also to aid in continued breeding attempt success of these species moving forward. Many are also Schedule 1 listed which means they have additional protection by law (The Wildlife and Countryside act 1981, as amended) as do their nests, eggs and dependent young.  There are several other species which we aim to protect that are not on the Schedule 1 list, but are declining or vulnerable to disturbance in Cornwall.

Some species remain on their breeding grounds all year-round, so in order to protect the breeding site we choose to withhold sightings throughout the whole year. However, there are sites in Cornwall that are deemed as safe and some of our treasured breeding species can still be enjoyed with care. So, we still do promote their presence at these locations in the hope that our members can still enjoy seeing them. More information can be found here:

We still greatly appreciate all records of these birds for inclusion in the county database and the Birds in Cornwall Annual Report. In turn these records have a positive impact on conservation concerns as they are then added to the nationwide Rare Breeding Birds Panel report UK Rare Breeding Birds Panel – Information about rare breeding birds in the UK (, as well as used in planning application disputes and other development queries. All breeding records will be handled with the strictest discretion and should be sent to: [email protected]

We will also be working alongside other organisations and land owners in a bid to locate and create more safe viewing experiences of our treasured breeding species. Our ultimate goal is to help these specialist species and protect them from dog, predator and the general public disturbance. So please do not take anything personally as we are always happy to discuss the decision in greater detail and explain why we may have removed some content.