Chough monitoring

With the arrival of spring, our Choughs are getting ready for the new breeding season. Established pairs will be on territory, if not already then very soon, and new pairs will be out scouting for sites. Some new pairs may even be settled into nesting locations by now.

Sightings reported to [email protected] are incredibly valuable in helping track down where all our pairs are. This means they can be monitored and protected and we can estimate how many chicks fledge each year. Chough can now be found anywhere suitable along the coast from Lizard all the way round to Trevose Head, with a few also spending time north of the River Camel.

So please help us to continue the successes of previous years by sending in your Chough sightings to [email protected] over the summer, especially if you see two birds together that may be a pair on a territory. With an expanding population more new pairs are likely to be found in new places, so the more eyes (and bins) looking the better.